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Product Description

With AcuStitch, by arranging stitch data in succession, you can create embroidery designs using various shapes.
The software includes functions to easily make stylish shapes such as Polygons (corner alignment), Radial shapes (centering), Circles and ellipses (joining start and end points) etc.
Point 1 Various kinds of shapes
Create designs from a selection of 17 different shapes.
Point 3 Easy-to-use functionality
Point 2 Abundant stitch patterns
Point 4 Create original embroidery data
Designs can be created automatically with simple settings. Corner alignment, center alignment, start point and end point alignment can also be performed automatically By simply changing the angle setting, you can create arcs and variations of your design With ‘Stitch Composer’ stitch creating software, you can even create your own original embroidery data!
AcuStitch for Windows Choose from 117 different stitch patterns to utilize in your work. StitchComposer