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Product Description

Pfaff Performance 5.2 Sewing & Quilting Machine

Pfaff Creative Color Touch Screen

The clear, high resolution display shows stitches in actual size. The intuitive layout is easy to understand.

Single Ribbon Stitches

Add ribbons to your stitches and get amazing 3D decorative embellishments!

Exclusive Stitch Creator Feature

Create elegant borders and beautiful accents, with these stitches consisting of pairs of matching stitches designed to be sewn on top of each other.

Exclusive Stitch Creator Feature

Create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.

The Original IDT System

Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF® for over 45 years! Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom.

Straight Stitch Needle Plate Sensor

Your performance™ 5.2 sewing machine alerts you if you try to select a stitch other than a straight stitch when the straight stitch needle plate is attached.


  • Color touch screen
  • Straight stitch needle plate sensor
  • LED lights
  • Bobbin thread senor
  • Thread snips
  • Quick help system
  • Speed ranges
  • Personal menu
  • Stylus holder built-in
  • Updateable
Sewing & Quilting Features
  • Large sewing space
  • 4 Built-in stitch fonts
  • Optimized feeding
  • Electronic knee-lift
  • Automatic presser foot lift
  • Free-motion modes
  • Needle up/down
  • Sensormatic buttonhole
  • Start/Stop
  • 37 Needle positions
  • Stitch width safety to prevent needle breakage
  • Twin needle program
  • Stitch restart
  • Immediate tie-off
  • Creative signature sewing programs:
    • Tapering on all 9mm decorative stitches
    • Patchwork program
    • Single stitch program
    • Mirror image of stitches
    • Stitch positioning
    • Stitch density
Built-In Stitches
  • Over 300 built-in stitches
  • 4 Built-in stitch fonts
Included Accessories
  • 0A Standard presser foot for IDT™ system
  • 1A Fancy stitch foot for IDT™ system
  • 2A Fancy stitch foot
  • 3 Blindhem foot for IDT™ system
  • 4 Zipper foot for IDT™ system
  • 5A Sensormatic buttonhole foot
  • 5M Manual buttonhole foot
  • 6A Embroidery/Sensormatic free-motion foot
  • 8 Maxi stitch foot
  • 1/4” Quilting foot for IDT™ system
Additional Information
  • Stylus Thread net (2)
  • Edge guide Felt pad (2)
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Brush
  • Spool cap, large (2)
  • Spool cap, medium
  • Spool cap, small
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Bobbins (5)
  • Knee-lift
  • Straight stitch needle plate
  • Foot control
  • Power cord
  • Needles
  • Microfiber cloth