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Janome Skyline S5


The Skyline S5 comes packed full of features normally saved for high-end machines. No matter what you’re doing—quilting or sewing—the Skyline will make your newest project a breeze.

The Skyline S5 Features & Benefits

170 Pre-Programmed Stitches

With 170 stitches already available on your machine (including ten buttonholes), you are already equipped with enough stitches to tackle any project your heart desires. Adjust your buttonhole settings for flawless, precise results.


91 Needle Positions

The Skyline S5 comes equipped with 91 needle positions already programmed into the machine. These will give you more options for detail when making decorative stitches as well as options for amazing, minute adjustments for every stitch you create. Since you have a maximum stitch width of 9mm, this makes for some very bold and unique details.


9MM Zig-Zag

Your Skyline S5 will make stitches that are up to 9mm wide! At such an impressive width, all of your stitches become bright, bold, and distinct. These wider, stand-out stitches will fill more area faster, which will save you precious time and energy.


6 Ultra-Bright LED Lights

Located in three different places on the machine, these ultra-bright LEDs are sure to light up your entire work space, making your work area sparkle and shine. See your projects in vivid clarity. Not to mention, small areas will become more visible! A little light can go a long way.


Tension Control

When you select “A” on the tension dial, you will activate the Automatic Tension System. On this setting, the machine will automatically adjust based on the detected thickness of your fabric. This is extremely useful, especially when you plan on switching between types and layers of fabric. This will allow users to achieve impeccable stitch consistency on nearly every material. You can also manually set your tension by selecting a number on the tension dial instead.

Stitch Selection

View a wide range of data for all your stitching and feet select options right on the accessible LCD screen. The backlit, digital screen with display all your information in clear, sharp characters, while the backlit capabilities help make things more visible. Near the screen, you can find navigation keys to easily make your way through the menu. These keys will allow users to select stitches and customize them to their liking.


The Skyline S5 Easy Convenience Features

Advanced Stop and Start Button

Say goodbye to your foot pedal! With the stop/start button, your machine can sew without it. This button makes sewing a long seam a piece of cake, and quick mending can be done in a snap. It’s also a wonderful tool for speed control. When starting a seam, just press the button and hold for a slow and steady acceleration until you reach your desired speed. When you finish, repeat the above step to gradually slow down. Simply release the button to stop. This brand new (and exclusive) Janome feature puts the control in your hands.


Automated Thread Cutter

Cut your thread with just a push of a button. Forget having to reach for scissors or having to wrap threads around back to reach a blade. With the revolutionary thread cutter feature, you’ll have shorter thread tails, which save you a lot of thread you might’ve wasted cutting it yourself!


Easy Reverse Button

Backstitches for locking seams have never been easier. The easy reverse button gives you the power to backtrack or even stop a stitch pattern before it’s finished, and all this power is right at your finger tip.


Locking Stitch

Use the locking stitch button to automatically tie off the end of your thread. This eliminates the need to backstitch a lock seam. The locking stitch does wonders for securing a seam on delicate fabrics or when employing a decorative stitch.


Memorized Needle Up/Down

Simply press this button to stop the needle in the up or down position—and you can make this a memorized setting! If you want effortless pivots on corners and beautiful free motion embroidery, set the needle in the down position. To remove fabric with ease, set it to up.


One Step Plate Converter

Sewing is all about making use of the right tools at the right times. For piecing quilts or working on lightweight fabrics, a straight stitch needle plate is vital for getting the best quality results. With the One Step Plate Converter, you can swap out plates easily, making sure that you always have the perfect plate for the job at hand. All you need to do is press a button to release the current plate and then put your new one in. The process takes seconds, and you need no tools! For more information about the One Step Plate Converter, follow the link below.


Ergonomic Knee Lift

You’ll see convenience at it’s finest when you see the Ergonomic knee lift. The lift is a lever to comes downward off the machine and allows the user to use their knee to control the presser foot. This feature is great for projects that require the user to keep both of their hands on their fabric. With the knee lift, you don’t need to use your hands to raise or lower the foot. Not to mention, the lift is perfect for appliqué and quilting, especially projects where you need to frequently move and shift your fabric. Because the lift is adjustable, you can place it wherever is most comfortable for you.


Superior Plus Feed System (SFS+)

This amazing feature is comprised of an innovative 7-part feed dog system that remains parallel while moving up and down. This allows it to keep contact with the fabric you’re working on constantly. You’ll get better control out of this “flat feed” technology regardless of whether you’re sewing backwards or forwards.


Easy Set Bobbin Case and Cover

This specially-constructed bobbin case and cover eliminates the need to pull long thread tails around when you thread the machine. All you need to do is slide your thread through the cover plate guide. From there, the built-in blade will trim the tail to your desired length so you can start with a super clean cut for the beginning of your stitching line. Once the initial threading is completed. the automatic thread cutter will trim and reset your tails every time.


Speed Control Slider

Use the speed control slider to the set the speed for your comfort level. The slider also gives you the power to set the high and low end speeds for your machine. For intricate work, select slower speeds, and for long, straight seams, pick a higher speed. Beginners love the control slider, but you should never exceed the speed you’re most comfortable with. By staying in your comfort zone, you will minimize the risk of injury and user error. The Skyline S5 has a maximum sewing speed of 1000 stitches per minute and a minimum of 60.


Bobbin Winder Plate & Cutter

Never worry about readying your bobbin again with this innovative bobbin winder plate. The new design features five blades for cutting. This will streamline your threading and cutting in ways you’ve never imagined.


Janome S5 Full Specification List

•   170 Built-In Stitches
•   10 One-Step Buttonholes
•   4 Built-In Alphabets
•   Top Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin
•   Superior Plus Feed System (SFS+)
•   Automatic Thread Tension
•   One-Hand Needle Threader
•   Snap On Presser Feet
•   Easy Set Bobbin
•   Bobbin Winding Plate with Cutter
•   Memorized Needle Up/Down
•   One Step Needle Plate Conversion
•   7 Piece Feed Dog
•   Free Arm
•   Drop Feed
•   Start/Stop Button
•   Speed Control Slider
•   Locking Stitch Button
•   Automatic Thread Cutter
•   Easy Reverse Button
•   Adjustable Knee Lift
•   Extra High Presser Foot Lift
•   Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder
•   Backlit LCD Screen
•   Foot pressure Adjustment
•   6 LED Lights in 3 Convenient Locations
•   Maximum Stitch Width: 9mm
•   Maximum Stitch Length: 5mm
•   Maximum Sewing Speed: 1,000 SPM
•   Work Space Area Size: 8.25″ x 4.7″
•   Semi-Hard cover Included
•   11 Standard Feet and Accessories Included


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