Janome Digitizer Upgrade From MBX 5 to MBX V5.5 – Upgrade only

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Janome Digitizer Upgrade From MBX 5 to MBX V5.5.

Using Janome’s new version 5.5 Digitizer MBX you can create completely original embroidery designs using the available drawing tools or take the easy option and use graphic images from scanned artwork, clipart or digital cameras to create your very own unique embroidery design or applique.

Designs can be saved or converted in most embroidery formats. In addition to the new Stitches, Lettering and Embroidery Gallery, there is also Click-to-Design, Image Preparation and Outlined Image preparation.

The most exciting feature of the newest version of software, V5.5 is:

  • Colour photostitch – Turn your favourite photos into stitches in just a few steps.  Change colours, size and let the software combine your photography and embroidery.
  • Multi-hooping – Now easier than ever with one click multi hooping.
  • Creative Stitch Effects – Embossed satin stitches and fills turn with the shape giving your project a 3-D look.
  • New fonts – 11 new fonts, including fonts which will work with foam for that 3-D effect.  The new font chooser makes it even more simple to select and add your fonts.
  • Alternating Motifs – You can now use two motifs in one object on alternating rows.

Other Features

  • Colour Wheel
  • Stitch Player
  • New digitizing capabilities
  • New editing capabilities
  • Create your own designs or logos
  • Auto digitize JPG images/photos
  • Add fonts, edit, adjust colours
  • Large multi-hoop designs
  • Colour photostitch (transfer jpegs to stitches)

Suitable for: Janome Horizon MC15000, MC12000, MC500E, MC14000, Janome MC11000, Janome MC10001, Janome MC10000, MC9900, Janome MC9700, Janome MC9500, Janome MC350E, Janome MC300E, Janome MC200E, MB4.