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Product Description

Factory refurbished  – Full Warranty

What’s included :

Standard cut Blade and Holder, Deep Cut Blade and Holder, Standard Mat 12×12″, Low Tack Mat 12×12″, 2 High Tack support sheets, 2 Fabric support sheets, Stylus and Spatula.

No more design cartridges. No PC required. Scan N Cut will change the way you think about cutting machines forever. With 500 built-in designs, 100 quilting designs and 5 built-in fonts, you can cut paper and fabric effortlessly. But wait…that’s not all. Imagine a 300 DPI built-in colour scanner that can  create outline cutting designs from a hand drawn sketch, or original art of something you saw in a magazine without the use of a PC. Only Scan N Cut can take an image, photo or hand drawn sketch, scan it,and  precisely cut the shapes or outlines you want. Now the only thing limiting your cutting creativity is your imagination

Convert Your Scanned Images or our Unique One-of-a-Kind Cut Designs and Patterns.
The secret to Scan N Cut lies in its 300 DPI built-in scanner. Never before has a home and hobby cutting machine had the capability to scan virtually anything – a handmade drawing, a
magazine clipping, cherished photos, and more – to create endless cut designs and save to the machine’s memory. Say goodbye to expensive, clunky design cartridges and say hello to creative freedom! As a bonus, you can use Scan N Cut as a home scanner to archive pictures, documents, and more – and save to your USB for use in your computer.

Scan and Convert to Cut Data
Using the technology of the 300 DPI smart scanner, scan in your design and save it as a cut or draw file for use. Scan N Cut will create cut lines automatically, and then (within minutes), hand drawn elements can grace the pages of your art work as a cut element or drawing with the assistance of the pen draw feature.

Get Creative!
Basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt patterns, fonts and more are all available at your fingertips with a single touch on the bright, easy-to-use colour LCD touch screen. This wide variety of built-in designs is both easy to access and mobile for when you’re on the go – never leaving you without designs to work with! Simply select a design, and then have it cut out on your material of choice. For even more variety in your creations, scan an image to create a one-of-a-kind design

Yes, You Can Cut Fabric! It’s So Easy
Cut precise fabric shapes with ease! Scan N Cut offers a variety of accessories that make fabric cutting and creating beautiful quilt and appliqué projects quick and simple. Pairing the
erasable draw function with cutting, this machine offers the unique feature of drawing your seam allowance, and also provides precise sewing guidelines – making sewing, quilting
and appliqué projects easier to create than ever before.

Single Pass… See It, Cut it!
No more fussy cutting! Relax, and let Scan N Cut do the work for you. With just a few simple steps, this unique cutting tool will scan your material, create the outline cuts, and allow you
to select your design straight from the surface to cut out. This revolutionary feature will eliminate the hassle out of hand-cutting designs from your favorite papers and fabrics!

Creative Embellishments
Have you ever dreampt about adding custom drawings to your crafting projects? Scan N Cut gives you the ability to change your cut file – whether it’s from a previous scanned image or
a built-in design, and replicate the design into a drawing in virtually seconds!