Brother SA133 Blind Stitch Horizontal Foot


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The Brother SA133 Blind Stitch Horizontal Foot is good for edge stitching, attaching lace and fabric edge joining. Adjustable, open-toed guide makes this a great foot for both embellishing and utility stitching, works with straight and decorative stitches, as well as the built-in blind hemming stitches. Compatible with many different machines, the Brother blind stitch foot will attach to your machine simply to give you the piece you need to do a trim on your project. Use it for a variety of stitches to create your own personalized look on your piece. The sewing machine feet are made to accommodate left or right needle setting so you can suit specific patterns. Hold materials firmly while stitching with this durable piece attached to the arm of your machine. The Brother SA133 Blind Stitch Horizontal Foot is a practical solution for keeping things together while applying the threading.
Brother SA133 Blind Stitch Horizontal Foot:

  • Adjustable sole plate secures fabrics as blind hems are created with machines having 7mm feed dogs
  • Foot opening can accommodate any left to right needle position setting
  • Seam guide moves easily with the rotation of the channeled washer
  • Brother blind stitch foot can create custom seam width sizes for a wide variety of stitches
  • Genuine Brother accessory
  • For all Brother 7mm feed dog machines
  • Check machine manual for compatibility


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