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The Brother 2340CV Serger Sewing Machine sews a cover stitch that gives garments their professional looking finish. This stitch (also called a “cover hem”) was previously available only on sergers. The Brother 2340CV Serger Sewing Machine is a more economical model, offering a wide 6mm, triple needle cover stitch, and a chain stitch. Sewing up to 1000 stitches per minute the Brother 2340CV Serger Sewing Machine is easy to set up and use.

The Brother 2340CV Serger Sewing Machine will allow you to hem T-Shirts, attach lace, attach taping and binding, sew decorative stitching, attach elastic, attach lace, do belt loop stitching, circular hemming, attach elastic lace, and hem stitching. The cover stitch is especially suited to stretchy fabrics like knits. The cover stitch is made without the knives (no fabric is cut), so it can be used not only to finish hems, necklines, collars and cuffs, but also for decorative effects in the middle of the fabric.

Cover stitches can be made with two or three needles. For example, a double needle cover stitch will show two lines of straight stitching on the top of the fabric with the two lines joined by a looping stitch on the bottom side. Because both sides of a cover stitch are finished, it looks great with decorative thread. Chain stitch One-needle, two-thread double chain stitch. For tape binding, joining woven fabrics and decorative effects.


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